What Homebuyers With Student Loan Debt Should Know


As the cost of attending college continues to rise, more and more students are taking out loans to help cover the costs. The class of 2015 had the most student loan debt in history, with more than 70% of students graduating with loans that average over $35,000. Unfortunately, student loan debt extends long after graduation; […]

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Spotlight on Smart Docs


If you’re looking for a better way to manage your documents from any computer – not just your own – then Smart Docs may be for you! In our upcoming October 20th class, instructor Miguel Ramos will introduce Smart Docs, a web-based document manager that allows you to store and manage your documents from any […]

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Reasons Why A Home May Not Be Selling (And How to Fix It!)


Now that the real estate market has picked up again, many homeowners – and agents – become frustrated when their homes do not sell. If a home has been on the market for weeks – or in some cases, months – there may be a reason why. Below are some of the most common reasons […]

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How to Choose an Overall Interior Design Scheme for Your Home

Olor Swatch

  While most homeowners want a house that has a distinctive design scheme, it can be difficult to toe the line between a cohesive look and a kitschy theme. The following design tips will help you choose an overall interior design scheme for your home that reflects your personal style while creating comfortable, creative, and […]

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