Keeping real estate sale flowing even in the dog days of summer


July and August are more than just the hottest months of the year – they are also the slowest months for real estate. After a busy spring, the “dog days of summer” can be downright dead. However, there are ways to boost your business and continue to make sales even during these extremely hot months. […]

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Helping students adjust to a new school after a summer move


Moving can be hard on everyone in the family, but can be especially stressful if changing schools is involved. Luckily, a summer move gives children the chance to start fresh for the new school year. The following are ways that families can help their students adjust after a summer move. Meet the neighbors The combination […]

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Planting a fall garden


Planting a garden isn’t just reserved for the spring; in fact, many flowers and vegetables can be planted and grown during the fall. Leafy greens and root vegetables favor cooler weather, while pansies and snapdragons can add a pop of color to your flower beds. No matter what you choose to plant, these tips can […]

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