Spotlight on course: License Renewal Seminar, Nov. 17th


If you are preparing to take your license renewal exam, you don’t want to miss out on this class! With excellent study materials, a live review, and a Q&A session, the November 17th License Renewal Seminar will give you both the credits and study materials needed for your renewal exam. License Renewal Seminar This informative […]

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Preparing your garden and lawn for winter


California may not have the same frigid winters as other parts of the country, but it’s still important to prepare our homes for cooler temperatures. The following tips can help you prepare your lawn and garden for the colder weather! Aerate the lawn If your grass is compressed by heavy foot traffic during the spring […]

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How to prepare the furnace or heat pump for its winter use


With temperatures steadily dropping, more and more homeowners are preparing to turn on their furnaces or heat pumps for the winter season. However, after several months of disuse, your heating system may need some TLC before it starts running well. The following tips can help you prepare your furnace or heat pump for use this […]

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Getting the swimming pool ready for the winter


Closing your pool for the winter makes it easier to refresh and open it in the spring. The following tips can help you winterize your pool this year! – Adjust chemical levels. Pool pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6, calcium levels should be between 175 and 225 ppm, and alkalinity should be 80-125 ppm […]

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