Tips to declutter and organize your home


Thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo, Peter Walsh, and more, the minimalist lifestyle is in. However, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when starting the decluttering process, especially if you feel as if you’re drowning in things! These simple tips can help you get a jump start on spring cleaning as you declutter […]

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Learn the best times to buy or sell a home


The time of year – and even the day of the week – can impact how quickly a home sells or how long it sits on the market. While seasonal changes are not as pronounced here in California, the following real estate trends indicate the best times for buyers and sellers to list and find […]

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Avoid common mistakes new flippers make


Thanks to HGTV, the DIY Network, and a recovering real estate market, flipping is more popular than ever before. While it may seem like a fast and easy way to make money, many first time flippers quickly find themselves in over their head. The following are a number of mistakes that new flippers make – […]

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5 security tips for your home


There are more than one million home burglaries in the United States every year, with a house getting broken into every 18 seconds. Even if you diligently lock your doors and windows, there still may be holes in your home’s security. The following five security tips can help you make your home safer and deter […]

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