Ways to decorate your blank wall


A blank wall is like a blank canvas filled with possibilities. However, the seemingly endless possibilities can also be overwhelming! The following ideas can help you think beyond a gallery when it comes to decorating a blank wall in your home. Washi tape patterns. If you rent and can’t permanently alter the walls, or simply […]

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Tips to create an inviting front-yard landscape


Front yard landscaping affects curb appeal – as well as the first impression your home makes. By creating a beautiful, balanced front yard, you can make your home more inviting while highlighting your house’s features. The following tips can help you create front yard landscaping that makes a statement! Create a clear entryway The path […]

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How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro


Staging a home often seems as simple as bringing in a few new couches and putting out a plate of fresh baked cookies. In practice, however, staging is more difficult; homeowners must learn how to curate their own furniture and décor to create a fresh, clean space that appeals to as many potential buyers as […]

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How to ask for real estate referrals


The use of the internet has forever changed how people buy and sell their homes. Online searches and websites are now the primary way homes are listed, and many people use the web as a way to research potential agents. Despite this, referrals are still the number one way both buyers and sellers find realtors. […]

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