Ways to maintain a beautiful garden all year


Gardening may be most enjoyable during the spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a beautiful outdoor space all year long. The following tips can help your garden look beautiful no matter the season! 1.         Begin with planning  Planning and forethought are one of the most important ways to keep your garden […]

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Tips for taking great photos before listing your home


With more and more buyers beginning their home search online, great photographs are more important than ever in getting your home noticed. No matter how beautiful a home is or how well-staged it is, bad photographs can limit the traffic a listing receives. The following tips can help you take the best pictures possible before […]

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3 things to keep in mind during a property inspection


3 things to keep in mind during a property inspection A home inspection is stressful for both buyers and sellers. With so much on the line tensions often run high; however, it doesn’t have to end in heartbreak. By keeping realistic expectations and balancing your heart and head, you can make the most of the […]

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3 home upgrade projects you can do on a budget


Whether you’re trying to keep your home on trend, make a room more functional, or update an outdated space, DIY projects are particularly appealing for those on a budget. To make the biggest impact with the lowest costs, focus on important spaces and upgrades that add function, charm, and character. The following are three home […]

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