Winter preparations for your home


With fall officially here, winter is just around the corner! While California might not experience the same dramatic shifts in temperatures as other parts of the country, it’s still important to make sure your home is ready for winter. The following winter preparations can help protect your home – and even lower utility bills – […]

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Ways to save to buy a home


Buying a home is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. For first time buyers, however, the amount required for the down payment – as well the associated closing costs and other fees – can seem like an unachievable milestone.   With some banks and lenders allowing buyers to purchase a home with […]

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Tips on organizing your closet space


Whether your closet is large or small, a lack of organization can leave it feeling cluttered and cramped. The following organizing tips can help you maximize the space in your closet – and maximize your wardrobe in the process. 1. Make sure every piece has a purpose. Decluttering a closet can feel daunting, but getting […]

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Ideas for eco-friendly home décor


Going green in your home is about more than just your color palette. Eco-friendly décor is one of the hottest trends in interior design, showing up in everything from raw building materials to furnishings and even art. The following ideas can help you make your home’s décor more eco-friendly while still stylishly reflecting your personality. […]

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