Tips to avoid closing stress


You’ve found the perfect home, negotiated with the sellers, found a lender, and completed all the necessary paperwork; all that’s left is closing! Closing represents the last step in the home buying journey and should be seen as a kind of celebration. However, going into closing unprepared can make the day more stressful than it […]

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Tips for a successful short sale


For sellers, short sales may be the only way to avoid foreclosure if they owe more on their house than it is worth. Unfortunately, some buyers may avoid short sales altogether, regardless of the home itself; short sales often have the reputation of being difficult, taking months to close, or falling through altogether. Whether you’re […]

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Things a home buyer needs to know about new construction


Buyers in all markets and at all price points can find new construction homes for sale. While some buyers shy away from these homes, other prefer them because of their customizable features and lack of history. Keep the following five things in mind if you’re searching for a new home but on the fence about […]

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How to get a lease in a competitive rental market


Rental rates are increasing around the country; both baby boomers and millennials are renting in increasing numbers. Because of this, many renters struggle to find a great – or even decent – property to meet their needs. The following strategies can help give you an edge when trying to get a lease in a competitive […]

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