3 home upgrade projects you can do on a budget


Whether you’re trying to keep your home on trend, make a room more functional, or update an outdated space, DIY projects are particularly appealing for those on a budget. To make the biggest impact with the lowest costs, focus on important spaces and upgrades that add function, charm, and character. The following are three home upgrade projects that won’t break the bank!

  1. Create a wall of built-in bookshelves

Floor to ceiling built-ins add instant charm and character to any home. In addition, they add form and functionality by creating additional storage opportunities for photos,books, movies, and more. Pretty wicker baskets can be placed on bottom shelves to store throw pillows and blankets.

To make the most out of this budget project, choose a wall that is underutilized. Built-ins can add function to hallways, dining rooms, and more. For additional style, install sconces in between or above each shelf.

  1. Build paired closets in a bedroom

There is no such thing as too much storage. Home buyers consistently list closets and storage as one of the primary features they need in a home. By adding a closet to a bedroom, underutilized square footage can be repurposed as a significant selling feature.

Avoid taking an awkward corner out of the bedroom by building paired closets. This upgrade works particularly well in master bedrooms where many couples crave their own closet space. The remaining space between the closets can be used to create a sitting area with small chairs and an accent table. Likewise, a stylish desk can add a functional office aspect to the bedroom.

  1. Expand outdoor living spaces

The climate in California is uniquely suited to year-round outdoor living. Take advantage of this by creating a fabulous outdoor patio that expands the living space of your home. Patios can be made of masonry, flagstone, pavers, or even chipped granite. You can surround the patio with flower beds for additional visual impact. If budget permits, consider expanding your outdoor upgrades to include a pergola, fire pit, barbecue, or other feature.

No matter how you choose to upgrade your home, these small budget projects can make a big impact on your living spaces!

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