Benefits of Hiring a Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager


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If you run a real estate business and are looking to improve your team’s performance, consider hiring a Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager, or training a staff member with management experience to take on the role of brokerage manager by getting the CRB Designation. While a real estate agent has obtained a license to sell real estate and is required to work under the management of a real estate broker, in the most successful firms, the broker in turn reports to a brokerage manager. If you are looking to upgrade your manager’s skills, or aiming to increase your team’s productivity, hiring a professional Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager could be a valuable investment in your business.

A certified brokerage manager is employed to be responsible for maintaining the highest possible professional conduct among the brokers and real estate agents on staff. From advising and assisting associate brokers, representatives and other staff day-to-day, the brokerage manager follows up on the scheduling and activities of employees that work outside the office. To effectively manage a brokerage, a CRB ensures agents are aware of advertising regulations, brokerage policies, and updates to the law; and, provides on-going training and educational opportunities for his or her team members. In short, the role of a brokerage manager is to encourage the highest level of organization and competence in a brokerage- which will have a profound effect on the efficiency and success of the business, and of course, the happiness of its clients.



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