Best New Apps for REALTORS®

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Every real estate agent is on the lookout for that “game changing” app. You know, the app that makes you more efficient, your job easier, and clients easier to manage.

Truth be told, there are apps that can actually streamline your business and help you work more efficiently, which helps you to be more productive. The idea behind these apps is to work smarter, not harder, and they can impact your day-to-day work in a variety of ways. Here are eight great new apps for REALTORS® to use in 2015.

Storehouse – This award-winning app lets you combine text, photos and video into a story platform that can be imbedded on blogs and shared on social media. A great marketing tool for a new listing.

Scannable – This new app from the folks at Evernote is fully automated and you can save or share the scans in multiple ways as .pdf files. Of course, it’s fully integrated with Evernote as well.

Mailtracker – You likely send and receive a lot of time-sensitive email, and this watchful app monitors when, if, and for how long your emails are opened and viewed.

Dashlane – More than just an uber password manager, this new app acts as a digital wallet on any device.

Pro HDR – Maybe you don’t have the time or budget to hire a pro photographer, or just need a photo in a pinch. Pro HDR turns your pics into high-resolution images.

MagicPlan – Like its name implies, this app is magic by the way it creates inside maps, draws floor plans, and calculates square footage of rooms through pics.

The News Funnel – Keep on top of the latest real estate news with this app, which aggregates news from trusted media sources.

GoConnect – This app is a mobile CRM for real estate agents, designed to manage transactions and leads on the go.

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