Continuing Your Real Estate Education in California

Continuing Real Estate Education


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Becoming a real estate agent in California requires dedication to complete the required coursework, putting in time to gain valuable experience at a broker’s office- and finally, passing the qualifying exam. Once you have conquered all these milestones, you then have the highly recommended option of engaging in local continuing education in California. Selling real estate can be a complicated, multi-layered process involving local state laws, and so the more real estate education you have, the better you will be prepared for your new career. Gaining valuable certifications will keep you up to date on the latest trends and developments in the real estate market, while assuring your clients that you are dedicated to your practice. Whether you are considering becoming a certified broker or REALTOR® in California, expanding your knowledge of the field, or completing courses to renew your license down the road (required every four years), you have a wealth of options continuing and upgrading your real estate education.

To get certified as a real estate broker in California is a great next step in a real estate salesperson’s career if he or she is ready to manage, own or run their own brokerage. California law requires that candidates be licensed for a full two years within the five years preceding when they take the real estate broker exam, or to have completed a four year college degree with at least a minor in real estate. At this time, a number of reputable companies are offering entire course packages online including the basic licensing and supplementary coursework to upgrade your credentials. To become a broker in California, you must complete the equivalent of 8 courses or 360 credit hours. You can now find exam preparation classes, study materials and even remote practice classes all available online and at your fingertips. Once you are licensed as a broker, you should join your local broker’s association. This will help you to gain valuable industry networking opportunities, and keep you informed on the latest trends and developments in the real estate market.

As another option, becoming a REALTOR® is a sure fire way to raise your profile as a real estate agent or broker. Being a REALTOR® means you agree and are trained to abide by the code of ethics as laid out by the National Association of REALTOR® in the USA; and this trademarked designation is now considered to be the professional standard in the industry. Once you have joined the NAS, you are required to complete their course in ethics and are expected to engage in continuing training throughout your membership. The REALTOR® designation is nationally recognized as a mark of quality and trust, and a qualified REALTOR® in California is legally allowed (and encouraged!) to place this hard-earned logo on his or her promotional material.

As you move forward in your career as a real estate agent, engaging yourself in continuing education is a smart investment over time. Being intimately familiar with the varied legal and economic aspects of real estate will gain your clients’ trust, and help you to develop a network consisting of other talented professionals involved in real estate transactions.

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