Cool Gadgets Every REALTOR® Needs

Iphone 6 Space Gray With Apps On Screen

As a busy real estate pro, you probably couldn’t go a day without your smartphone (are we right?). Time is like gold, and anything that will help you to get your job done faster, easier, and from anywhere is a great thing.

Here are the gadgets every REALTOR® should have:

Portable Scanner

If you don’t want to carry around a portable scanner, you can turn your smartphone into a scanner. Check out apps like zipForms® Mobile and Digital Ink®.

Boostcase for iPhone

Since you’re relying on your smartphone to stay connected with clients, the last thing you need is your battery dying, right? Worry no more, Boostcase has you covered. Termed “fashion forward power accessories for iPhone,” Boostcase will make sure you don’t run out of juice when the stakes are high.

Panorama 360

You know how important great photos are for your listings. The Panorama 360 smartphone app helps you to capture great panoramic views both inside and outside of homes, helping clients to get a more complete picture of what the listing looks like. This is a great way to set your listings apart from others.

Apple Watch

Besides being a cool conversation piece, Apple Watch has several great functions that help a REALTOR®. For one, it is an incredibly accurate timepiece with the precision of a GPS satellite, helping you to ensure that you are on time for your appointments. In addition, you can look at it more discreetly than your phone to stay connected and know if anything urgent comes up while you are with a client.

Not only that, there are two apps you can get on Apple Watch that would be super useful to you. One is the OpenTable app, to help you make and keep track of restaurant reservations (as well as find your way there). The other is the PayByPhone parking app, which allows you to add time and pay for your meter even if you can’t make it back to your car in time.

What’s your favorite gadget that helps you to be a real estate rock star?

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