Deciding on paint schemes for the home



When picking a paint color for a single room can be difficult, picking the paint scheme for an entire house can seem impossible! However, there are options beyond simply painting the whole house the same color. By finding coordinating colors in the same family, you can ensure that the whole house looks cohesive without being exactly the same from room to room. The following tips can help you decide on a paint scheme for your home:

  •  Consider your reasons for painting.  The reasons for painting your home will often determine the kinds of colors you choose. For example, those preparing to sell their homes may want to opt for more neutral shades such as grays and tans, while new homeowners may want to choose bolder colors that reflect their personalities. 
  • Find one color you love? Use lighter and darker shades of the same color throughout your home. A fan deck can be a useful tool in finding subtly different shades. 
  • Pick colors with similar undertones. Shades don’t have to perfectly match or coordinate if they have the same undertone. Picking three or four different colors with blue undertones, for example, can keep the whole house looking cohesive. 
  • Get inspiration from your existing furnishings. Looking for the perfect color for a room? Take inspiration from your favorite pillows, sofas, or art pieces in the room. Doing this also designates a piece as the focal point of a room. 
  • Limit choices to three to five colors. Keeping the number of wall colors in the house limited to between three and five colors can prevent the home from feeling visually busy. 
  • Designate primary and secondary colors. Once you’ve chosen the colors you want, designate a primary color as well as several secondary colors. The primary color should be seen most throughout the house; it can be the wall color in one room, an accent color in another, and a ceiling color in a third. 
  • Carry over color in furnishings and accessories. The colors in a paint scheme aren’t just for the walls; use these colors as a pallet when selecting curtains, throw pillows, lampshades, wall art, and other accessories.

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