Design Trends: Wallpapered Ceilings

When it comes to home design trends, wallpaper is back, and in a big way. And the latest wallpaper design fads are reaching something you may not have expected: ceilings.

Sure, the ceiling is an area that often gets neglected when it comes to home design. Many homeowners simply leave them white, ignoring them as a factor in design altogether. But by utilizing the fifth wall, many homeowners are finding subtle – and, well, not so subtle – ways to transform the feel and perception of the space with added detail, texture and color.

There are many ways to accomplish this added flair with ceiling wallpaper. It could take the form of a subtle accent design, a retro faux look, an added feel of texture (even in white), or a show-stopping statement with bold patterns, shapes and colors.  Check out some design ideas on Houzz and Decoist for inspiration.

You can go in just about any direction with ceiling wallpaper, and with not much risk. After all, one of the great things about wallpaper is that it’s not permanent.

Need some tips on how to get your wallpaper design idea to the ceiling? Here are some brief steps to follow, with links to more detailed explanations.

Prepare and measure – Start out by prepping the ceiling, making it clean and smooth and removing fixtures. Make sure you have the right amount of wallpaper through measurements, starting in a corner, and pasting the wallpaper if it isn’t already pre-pasted. See this article on  for more details.

Hanging the paper – These tips from Reader’s Digest cover brushing the entire ceiling with glue, folding the paper correctly and then smoothing the paper as you go. Check as you go that the paper is following your measured guidelines.

Smooth and aligned – Be sure to smooth over the wallpaper as you go with a brush or damp sponge to smooth out any bubbles and clean excess glue. These tips from DIY Network detail the steps after the first strip, such as cutting the excess at the end of the wall, and then lining up the seams of the next strip of wallpaper for a continuous pattern.

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