Do you have what it takes to be anaccredited residential manager?


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So you’ve been in the real estate business for some time now and looking for new opportunities to grow huh? Well look no further!  The next logical step is to have some evidence of your previous expertise and experience that will assure people that you do know what you are doing and you have been around for some time now.

As a residential real estate manager with previous experience you should be given a platform to seize those new opportunities and thus be recognized for excellence. People that hold the ARM or accredited residential managercertification have found that their investment actually helped them to grow on a personal level, gained respect within the real estate industry and overall elevated their career.

But still, you do know that you have experience in the field and you don’t need an accreditation to prove it! Actually, like James A. Evans said “Property Management is not only about what you know, it’s about who you know” and the accredited residential manager credential gives you both!  So here are some reasons on why you should start elevating your career in this direction:

  • In order to show the industry that you are a reliable, ethical and knowledgeable individual that values education and strives to demonstrate excellence you will need to earn the ARM.
  • You will become more successful in your job efficiency through access to the IREM education and tools.
  • Everyone wonders about everyone and nobody takes your word for it anymore. Trust is a hard virtue to find people nowadays so this certification will assure your employers that you have the specialized skills that they are looking for in residential managers.
  • You will be able to advance in real estate management and reach your goals regardless of your current level.

I convinced you huh? Great! So what do you need to get started? Well first of all you will need experience. You need to have 1 year ( 12 months ) of experience in an residential real estate management position as defined by the IREM. For the next requirement we have the following options:

  • First option is to complete the RES201 or the Managing Residential Properties course. If you choose this option consider taking the ARM Track in order to meet ARM ethics, education and examination requirements.
  • The second option is to hold a CPM, CAM, CRM or RAM designation.
  • The third option is to have a graduate or undergraduate degree in real estate property management. You can also hold an associate’s degree in a non-commercial real estate management program.
  • And the last and fourth option is to complete the Common Interest Developments: Managing Condominium Association Properties or CID201 course.

So that’s about all the information needed to get you well on your way to a flourishing and successful career as an accredited residential manager. If you ever have trouble, make sure you check specialized websites for support, help or assistance.

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