Do you think that the realtor ethics are real? Does someone care?


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Becoming a real estate agent or manager is not an easy task for most people. Except all the certifications, designations and experience you need to acquire there also exists a code of ethics for each and every realtor to follow. Starting with 1913, the National Association of REALTORS, copying the practicums of law, medicine or engineering, have adopted a code of ethics that still stands even today. Few people know that real estate agents can be hole accounted for by not following this code of realtor ethics , which, is in fact a good thing for individuals that are looking to rent sell or buy homes.

The code of ethics makes sure that realtors stay positive and are trust-worthy because they are actually subject to disciplinary actions if they don’t follow the code of ethics. But it seems normal if you think about it! They’re not a holy organization that follow every word of the creed but they need to prove that they can be trusted when managing what probably is the biggest financial transaction of most of people’s lives. In a world where money matter above all else, this kind of act assures the client of the real estate’s agent terms and conditions so to speak and as a client, you should really know what those exactly are so for more information please visit a specialized website.

It’s not hard to get a hold of the realtor ethics code, composed of 17 articles and their related Standards of Practice. You just need to open your favorite search engine and search for the whole document on-line. The official REALOTR website has more than enough information for everyone who is looking for the ethics code. Another option to get a hold of it is to just ask your designated real estate agent for the code, I bet he or she’ll be happy to oblige.

As we all know a real estate or a car dealer is the same thing right? No, if you think this you couldn’t be more wrong. People often think that realtors are professional cons blessed with the gift of a fast talking attitude, a knack for gossip and get a hold of a whole arsenal of selling techniques. But actually this is just a stereotype. Realtors are trained professionals that have a history with buying and selling homes on the real estate market. They are people who proved themselves worthy of the job and many times have a lot of recommendations from other clients or real estate managers.

So yeah, under the best of circumstances you will choose a realtor that was recommended to you by someone who you trust. But that’s not necessarily the best option you have. With a little bit of research you can hire literally anyone that has a license in real estate, because they all follow the realtor ethics. For more information on sanctions and rules that agents need to follow don’t forget to visit a specialized website.

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