Easy spring cleaning tips


With the arrival of springs comes one of the most dreaded chores of the year – spring cleaning. This year, make your entire home sparkle with these easy spring cleaning tips.


–          Leave the stove for last. The stove and range hood are often the dirtiest part of the kitchen; prevent grease and grime from spreading by starting to the right of the stove and cleaning clockwise around the room. Put drip pans and knobs in warm, soapy water when you begin to make them easier to clean by the time you work your way back to the stove.

–          Clean the dishwasher. While dish soap works on your plates and glasses, it does not clean the inside of the dishwasher. Instead, place one cup on vinegar on the top rack and run a hot water cycle. Finish by wiping out the exterior with baking soda and a damp sponge.

–          Sharpen the disposal. Make sure the blades of your garbage disposal are sharp by dropping ice cubes along with a cut up lemon and salt into the disposal. The ice will help sharpen the blades while the lemon and salt deodorize and clean away residue.


–          Use Rain-X on glass doors. While Rain-X may be designed as a car care product, it can be equally useful inside your home. Apply to glass shower doors twice a year to help water bead up and roll off easily.

–          Wash the shower curtain liner. If your shower curtain has a vinyl liner, it may need to be disinfected. Wash with a few towels and mild detergent; the towels will help to scrub the liner clean as they get washed themselves.


–          Wash windows on a cloudy day. To avoid a year of streaks on the outside of your windows, wait to wash them until a cloudy day. Cloud cover prevents the sun from drying out cleaners before you’ve had a chance to rinse or wipe it off.

–          Clean garbage cans. Rinse out garbage cans with a hose, then use a long-handled brush to scrub with a disinfectant cleaner. Rinse one final time before turning upside down to dry.

Living room

–          Refresh drapes. Quickly refresh drapes by putting them through a short air-fluff cycle in your dryer. Adding a damp towel with the drapes will attract dust.

–          Keep bookshelves visually interesting. In addition to removing old books, reorganize books by color or height to create a cohesive look. For added visual interest, add horizontal stacks of books at various intervals on the shelves.

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