Habits for creating a tranquil home


Our lives are busier than ever; when you feel pulled in a hundred different directions, it’s  important that your home feels like a relaxing sanctuary. The following tips can help you transform your home into a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

  1.  Make every room important. Every room in your home has a purpose – even those that are otherwise overlooked or cluttered. While a messy guest room may seem insignificant, an unorganized or underutilized space is the equivalent of an unfinished task on a to-do list. Create a more harmonious feeling for your entire home by making every room important.
  2. Conquer the clutter. Clutter is more than just physical chaos; it can also create mental chaos and make it hard to focus or relax at home. Cleaning out the hall closet, emptying the junk drawer, or clearing off the dining room table can help facilitate tranquility in your home – and your psyche. There are thousands of organizational methods and plans online that can serve as a starting point to conquer clutter throughout your home.
  3.  Nurture nature. Incorporate natural elements throughout your home to help eliminate stress and promote relaxation. Houseplants and fresh flowers – or even décor featuring these elements – can foster a sense of inner calm by bringing the outside in.
  4.  Maximize natural light. Natural light plays an important role in regulating our sleep patterns and moods. Maximize the natural light in your home by choosing drapes, blinds, or curtains that can be easily opened during the day to let in as much light as possible.
  5.  Designate technology-free spaces. Our devices keep us constantly connected to the world – but that is not always a good thing. Designate spaces in your home that are deliberately technology free, such as leaving phones, televisions, and tablets out of the bedroom. Doing this not only encourages better sleep patterns, but can also help signal your subconscious to when it is time to unplug and relax.
  6. Create good vibes. Fill your home with furniture, photos, and mementos that remind you of friends and loved ones, exciting vacations, fun excursions, and more. These visual reminders of good times can give you a mental boost each time you walk through your front door.

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