Home decor ideas to help lift your mood


Our homes are meant to be a sanctuary from the outside world. Our homes can influence our moods and emotions; too much clutter or bright colors can cause feelings of anxiety or unease, while calm colors and organization can create a soothing environment. The following home décor ideas can help improve your mood!

  • Utilize extra lighting. Light, whether natural or artificial, can brighten any living space – and your mood. If your space is short on natural light, add attractive light fixtures for extra brightness in any room. New light fixtures are also an easy, inexpensive way to update your living spaces.
  • Find the perfect color. Colors have a natural impact on our moods; bright colors can invigorate us, while calming blues and greens can create a more soothing environment. Chose a color for the space based on how you would like to feel when you’re there.
  • Create comfortable spaces. Use texture and color to create a comfortable, inviting space. Soft pillows and throws, furniture in muted pastel tones, or natural wood are just a few of the design elements that can help create a comfortable living space.
  • Include living elements. Plants, terrariums, or aquariums can help you feel more connected to nature; in your home, these living elements can have a naturally uplifting, stress relieving effect.
  • Use “soft” geometry. Too many straight lines or sharp angles can leave a space feeling cold or impersonal. Using curves instead of hard edges can help create feelings of well-being in your home. A curved couch, round table, or beveled edge on a countertop are all ways to utilize soft geometry in your home.
  • Add personal touches. Add personal elements throughout your home that remind you of happy times or memories. Art created by a friend, photos of loved ones, or curios from a recent vacation are small items that can lift your mood in a big way.
  • Rearrange to keep things fresh. Even carefully selected and curated spaces can feel stale over time. Keep your home feeling fresh by rearranging your existing furnishings. Moving a chair or shifting wall décor from one room to another are subtle changes that still give us the positive feeling of a new space – without the added expense of redecorating.

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