Home projects to tackle before listing your home


If you’re getting ready to sell your house and move, it may seem counterintuitive to start any home improvement projects. After all, you’ll be leaving in just a few short months! However, completing a few smart home improvement projects can help your house sell faster – and for top dollar. The following are fivehome projects to tackle before you list your home!


  1. Get a home inspection. While most buyers will still ask for a home inspection as part of the contract, having an inspection done before you list your house can ensure there are no hidden surprises once you are under contract. Because buyers often use inspections as a way to negotiate a lower price, having an independent inspection done ahead of time will let you know what needs to be fixed – without affecting your asking price. 
  2. Spruce up landscaping. A home’s landscaping can create a lasting first impression – both positively and negatively. Many buyers are unable to see past bad landscaping, even when the interior of a home is beautiful. Making sure bushes and grasses are trimmed, planting a few extra flowers, power washing the driveway or sidewalk, mulching beds, and cutting back trees that obscure the view of the house are all quick and easy ways to upgrade your home’s exterior. Avoid painting the exterior if possible; instead, paint the front door a bright color to give the whole house a fresh look. 
  3. Paint and replace floors. Your family might love bright colored walls, but it can be a turn off to potential buyers. Instead, remove wall art and family photos before spackling any nail holes and repainting walls in neutral whites and greys. At the very least, floors should have a thorough professional cleaning. If stains cannot be removed, wood is scratched, or carpet is too worn, consider investing in replacement flooring. 
  4. Clean out storage spaces. Potential buyers will be looking at every nook and cranny of your home, including drawers, cabinets, closets, basements, attics, crawlspaces, and more. This can affect how a space shows as even large closets will seem cramped if they are full of clothes. Make sure buyers can see how much storage you have – not how much clutter you have – by cleaning out these spaces before a house is listed. 
  5. Hire a stager. Most of us love our homes too much to view them with a critical eye. Consulting a stager can help you make the most out of your home and your existing furnishings. By knowing what to remove, where to place what you have, and what new touches or accessories to add you can maximize your home’s design – and help it sell fast.

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