How REALTORS® Can Stay Organized When on the Go

Stack of white papersEvery real estate agent knows that much of their time spent working is also time spent on the go. So, it can only be an advantage to be organized.

There are a number of tools and tricks agents can use to keep organized as they travel throughout a busy day full of appointments, showings and the constant need for communication. Here’s a look at how REALTORS® can stay organized while on the move.

Universal car device holder. Whether you use a GPS device or utilize Bluetooth through your smartphone for hands-free driving, a car device system like this Grip-It Universal Holder can help you be efficient with other tasks while driving.

Tablet holder and organizer. Since you always have your tablet or Macbook with you, a handy sleeve can help keep everything you need in one place. A neoprene sleeve like this one keeps track of all your accessories and you can stash things like your watch, wallet and business cards.

Phone sleeves. Since your smartphone is your constant companion and goes everywhere you go, it can help to keep your essentials together. A phone sleeve like these can put your phone, business cards and even a note pad in the same place.

Car organization companion. Agents do a lot of work out of their cars. Inevitably, you will need a wide assortment of random tools – scissors, zip ties, tape, cleaning products and everything in between – when the need arises. A car organization system can help you be prepared.

Utility totes and bags. Does your purse double as your office? Do you work from your car and home as much as the office? A utility tote can help keep your files and business items organized no matter where you work from.


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