How to Find Information on the Latest Property Rights Issues



In our world of ever-changing laws and policies, it is important to stay up to date on political policies that can affect the market. Property rights, federal taxes, rights of ownership, and real estate transaction procedures and fees are just a few of the issues impacting todays’ real estate agents.

Resources for information on property rights issues

By better understanding the current property rights laws and issues, we can help our clients better navigate the at-times confusing process of buying or selling a home. The following resources can help provide additional information on the latest property rights issues.

National Association of REALTORS

The NAR website has extensive and up-to-date information on a wide variety of legal issues, including property rights. This site can be an excellent jumping off point if you are doing research on a legal issue and can provide guidance to further reading and resources.

Federal Issues Tracker 

If you need information on a specific bill, topic, or laws in a state, the Federal Issues Tracker can help you find it. With a number of search criteria that you can use to narrow your search, you can stay up to date on past or present bills that could affect property rights.

HG Legal Resources 

HG Legal Resources for Real Estate provides an overview of many of the legal issues that agents, buyers, and sellers can face. Topics covered include understanding eminent domain, neighbors right to build, and failure to disclose in California real estate transactions.

How to get involved

One of the best ways to stay up to date on the latest property rights issues is by getting involved. Groups like the REALTORS® Political Action Committee are committed to helping to promote and elect pro-REALTOR candidates. This, in turn, helps create policies that will “foster a sound and dynamic U.S. real estate market that creates vibrant communities in which to live and work”.

Another way to get involved is by taking the time to speak with local politicians and policy makers on behalf of REALTORS®. Doing this can help our local officials better understand the challenges facing today’s real estate professionals, as well as help education them on how changes to issues such as property rights can affect the market.

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