How to find the right agent to sell your home

Selling your home is a big decision; having the right real estate agent can make the process easier, help your home sell faster, and ensure you receive top dollar for your home. However, with lots of agents to choose from, it can be difficult to know how to separate the good from the bad. The following guide can help you find the right agent to help you sell your home.

Ask friends and family for referrals

Friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers are often the best resource when looking for a real estate agent. However, it’s important to take even glowing reviews with a grain of salt; make sure the agent they’re recommending has experience with your type of real estate. While a friend may have had a great experience with an agent selling their downtown condo, the same agent may not be well equipped to help you sell your suburban ranch. Instead of asking “Do you know a good real estate agent?” ask “Do you know a good real estate agent who specializes in properties like mine?”

Find out about their experience

The first meeting with a prospective real estate agent is a lot like a job interview. A good agent should be someone you feel comfortable with – and should be able to answer most of your questions. The following are a few suggested questions to ask prospective agents.

  • How long have you been in business? A real estate agent with at least two years experience will know the ins and outs of a market.
  • How many homes did you sell last year? An agent who isn’t selling in the double-digits may not be able to help you find the right buyer for your home.
  • What percentage of your listings did you sell? Look for an agent who sells an average of 60% of their listings.
  • What is your average list price? If an agent sells homes that are more – or less – expensive than your property, they may not be able to find a buyer for your home.
  • How will you market my home? Good agents should have multiple avenues of marketing for a home, such as a brokerage website, email subscription list, Facebook, Instagram, fliers, yard signs, and more.

Cheaper isn’t always better

An agent who works for a significantly lower commission than other realtors in the area is a red flag. This may signify a lack of experience – or a lack of current clients. Likewise, if an agent is quick to work at a discount, they may lack the negotiating skills to get top dollar for your property.

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