How To Sell A Home In The Off-Season


As we all know, when the colder months start to roll in, the real estate market will begin to seasonally decline. Spring and summertime are ideal for putting a property on the market, but by putting in more effort than usual, it’s possible to have success in the winter and fall seasons as well. Here are a few tips for selling a home in the off-seasons of real estate!

Be Aware Of Price

Know that in today’s market, to overprice a home is to bury it. Make sure you do your research on the local real estate market and have a reasonable price set for the property. Current buyers are only looking for bargains, so be reasonably flexible with the price as well.

Welcoming Light

With the skies getting darker earlier in the winter and fall months, make sure that the property is fully lit from the inside and outside when a potential buyer arrives. No one wants to pull up to a dark house, and it could leave buyers feeling unwelcome.


Get the property pre-inspected before the house goes on the market. Have a home inspector come by and make suggestions on what repairs should be made. Fix small things such as squeaky doors, cabinets, and leaky pipes.

Outward Appearance

Make an effort to spruce up the outside of the property. Landscaping, a new coat of paint, or new light fixtures can help elevate a house to seem warm and inviting to thosewho check out the home.


Having great photos of your property will change the way buyers look at a home, and is the first lasting impression on a client. Make sure that photos are taken with good lighting, a manicured set-up, and an accurate presentation. The home will not always look picture perfect when buyers come by, so it’s important to give them pictures of perfection in their minds.

Create Excitement

Host a themed open house party or schedule a food truck to come by the property! When you generate excitement for the property you’re trying to sell, you’ll create a dialogue and interest in what you’re doing.

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