How to write listing descriptions that help sell your home


For about half of all home buyers, their house hunting journey begins online. Engaging, accurate descriptions can draw buyers in, but boring or wordy ones can leave them unimpressed – and clicking on to the next listing. The following number of  tips can help you write listing descriptions that will help sell your home.

  1. Grammar matters

Every listing description should be free from spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. This helps buyers – and other agents – know that the listing was thoughtfully written. Avoid using too many exclamation points; save them for features you really want to highlight! Likewise, keep sentences short and easy-to-follow so readers don’t get lost in a run-on.

  1.  The wrong way: Great light! Move in redy! Come see today!
  2.  The right way: This move-in ready home has plenty of natural light throughout. Don’t miss this listing!

    2.  Don’t go adjective crazy

Adjectives can help us describe a space – but be careful not to go overboard. A kitchen doesn’t need to be described as “cheerful, airy, and full of natural light” if just calling it “bright” will do. Likewise, make sure to avoid using common “red flag” adjectives; buyers often read “cozy” as “cramped” and “in need of TLC” as “trashed”.

  1. Be accurate

If a house has water damage from a flood, don’t say it’s in “excellent condition”; likewise, calling a 900 square foot house “spacious” is equally inaccurate. Lying in the listing can cause buyers to feel distrustful or wonder what else you’re hiding. Instead, set realistic expectations and try to turn shortcomings into positives.

  1. The wrong way: Tons of potential for the right buyer
  2. The right way: This mid-century gem sits on a large lot with plenty of mature trees

    4.  Use words that add value

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but certain buzzwords can help add real value to your home. Words like “luxurious”, “landscaped”, and “impeccable” have all been shown to help boost selling prices.

  1. Highlight unique features

Listing descriptions give you the opportunity to highlight what is special and unique about your home. Does the entryway have original stained glass? Is there a large, outdoor fireplace? These one-of-a-kind features can help your home stand out from similar listings.

  1.  The wrong way: Beautiful updated kitchen
  2.  The right way: One-of-a-kind, custom kitchen with Italian tile and stainless steel finishes
  1. Leave out the basics

Most descriptions are limited to a certain number of words or characters; don’t waste precious space by rehashing information that is available elsewhere in the listing. Instead of rehashing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, or year built, write details that will most likely convince buyers to come see the home for themselves.

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