Learn About Some 2020 Home Design Trends

The new year – and new decade! – have arrived and there are a number of new trends in home design on the horizon. The following are some design trends that are in – and some that are out – in 2020.

In: Ultra-unique interiors
Unique interiors that show off the personal style of the occupants will be seen more in 2020. Think beyond purchasing a one-of-a kind chandelier or stand-out sofa just for the sake of being different; the uniqueness of the space should be authentic and reflect the story of the occupants.

“People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story,” says co-founder of the home decor brand Hygge & West, Christiana Coop. “What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in the magazines or on social media.”

Out: Cookie-cutter homes
While a living space that looks straight out of a showroom catalog may be styled well, these impersonal spaces often lack rich or unique details.

In: Bold monochromatic rooms
Monochromatic rooms don’t have to be boring. Living spaces done entirely in rich shades of blues, reds, or greens can be full of unique personality while still being elegant.

Out: Neutral monochromes
Rooms entirely in shades of whites, greys, and taupes were once a hallmark of interior design. In 2020, however, these monochromatic, neutral spaces will be considered too safe and lacking excitement.

In: Painted doors in complementary colors
Interior doors painted in dark, rich tones offset white trim to create visual interest in a room. Swapping out standard hardware with a unique door handle can also add an unexpected artistic touch to space.

Out: All white trim
All white trim and doors create clean lines and a modern look, but lack visual drama; it is a missed opportunity for creating additional interest in a space.

In: Earth tones
Warm, natural colors like chocolate brown, burgundy reds, olive greens, and yellow ochres are neutral enough for almost every room in the house and can be used for both walls and furnishings to create inviting spaces.

Out: Cool tones
The 2010s were dominated by grey-on-grey interiors and other cool tones. These colors can leave a space feeling instructional and lacking personality; replace them with a warm-tone palette or add rich accent colors to an additional space.

In: Multi-functional spaces
Homeowners are looking for rooms to serve more than one purpose – especially in areas where square footage is at a premium. Look for clothing racks and wardrobes to be added to home offices, or straight back dining chairs to be replaced with upholstered, more comfortable counterparts to encourage lounging.

Out: Rarely-used rooms
Single-purpose spaces, such as formal living rooms, guest rooms, or even dining spaces are falling out of favor. As living spaces become more open and fluid, homeowners are looking for rooms that work with their lifestyles, such as converting formal dining rooms into home gyms or guest bedrooms into dressing rooms.

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