New Interior Design Trends for 2015

Interior Design - Yellow Couch And Decorated Wall

It’s not too early to start thinking about which new interior design trends will be hot in 2015.

The trend-setters and trend spotters already have an eye out for what they believe will shine in home interior design in 2015. Many of the most popular trends are already surfacing in stores and throughout design blogs and social media. While some aren’t the literal definition of “new,” they still represent what will be “in” in 2015.

Large prints and floral fabrics – The large prints and striking colors used in combination, like this chair, can make a bold statement with accessories.

Brass and copper – Metals seem to be back in a big way. From lamps to kitchen faucets to pendant lighting, you will likely see a lot of these metals in 2015.

Metal backsplashes – A great backsplash can drive the design of an entire kitchen. Metals are the trend, such as brushed metals and metal tin patterns.

Black and white graphics and designs – The sharp contrast of black & white graphic prints are taking center stage, from modern wall prints to contemporary bathrooms and kitchens.

Modern wall decor – Walls are the latest hot thing for inspiration in 2015, from bold graphic prints to bold feature walls utilizing recycled wood or more modern green ideas.

All about the tub – Part of the contemporary and modern bathroom trends for 2015 is the resurgence of the soaker tub and freestanding claw-foot tubs.

Combination of natural materials – It will still be trendy in 2015 to blend materials like wood, stone and glass and fusing them into the same pieces and rooms, all at the same time.

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