Packing hacks to help you in your next move

While the prospect of moving into a new home is exciting, moving – and packing in particular – can be a headache-inducing hassle at even the best of times. The following packing tips can help make your next move easier and as stress-free as possible.

  1. Hold a garage sale ASAP

As soon as you know you’re moving, sort through your home for any unnecessary or unwanted items. Then, hold a garage sale as soon as possible. In addition to leaving you with fewer things to pack and move, the sale should leave you with a few hundred dollars to send on moving expenses or items for your new home. Short on time? Simply pack up your items and donate them to your favorite charity.

  1. Take pictures of your electronics set up

Before you begin unplugging everything, take a picture of how the cords are plugged into your router, television, gaming system, or other electronics. Having a photo as a reference guide can make it easier when setting things up at the new house. Worried about cords getting mixed up? Label them with colored masking tape for easy installation.

  1. Bag hung items

Instead of taking all your clothes off their hangers, use trash bags to store hung garments. While still hanging, wrap as many items as possible in a trash bag with the hangers sticking out of the top; when full, tie the strings around the hangers and pack in either a hanging or regular box.

  1. Pack a “first night” bag

Designate a special bag or box with everything you will need for your first night in your new home. Make sure to include toiletries, pajamas, changes of clothes, and a few special toys for kids. Linens, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and a few ready meals or snacks are all good ideas to have on hand with easy access to for the first day.

  1. Label boxes in detail

While writing “living room” on a box helps you know where to put it in the new house, consider labeling boxes in detail with what they contain. This makes unpacking easier, and can keep you from opening every box in a room when searching for a specific item. If you don’t want to write on the boxes, make your own spreadsheet of box contents to reference as needed.

  1. Hire a babysitter

Moving day can be stressful and often requires focus and attention to detail. If you have small children, consider hiring a babysitter or assigning a family member to watch the little ones the day of the move. This allows mom and dad to focus their full attention on moving and unpacking – without worrying about what the kids are up to.

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