Water Saving Tips for Any Homeowner

Traditional Silver Tap Dripping

Whether you’re trying to save money or protect the environment–or both–using less water around your home is never a bad idea. Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about how much water we use on a daily basis, so putting some thought around it will likely be eye- opening too. Saving water doesn’t mean […]

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Remodel Your Patio Without Breaking the Bank


A patio is a great addition to any home, but Mother Nature is not always kind to the space and you might find that you’re in need of a renovation. It can be tough to justify spending a lot of money on patio updates, especially if you live in a place where you can only […]

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Questions to ask before hiring a contractor


Your contractor will make – or break – your home renovation project. Because of this, it is important to research the right contractor for your job. The following questions can help you ensure you’re working with a trustworthy, experienced professional and help minimize emotional – and financial – stress during the project. How long have […]

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Home remodeling tips to avoid breaking the bank


Most of us dream of ways to make our current houses feel more like our dream homes; unfortunately, many major home remodeling projects also include major price tags. However, there are a number of ways that homeowners can remodel their homes without breaking the bank. The following tips can help you update and upgrade your […]

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Electrical safety tips all homeowners should know


We rely on electricity to keep virtually every appliance and system in our homes running smoothly day in and day out. However, this necessary utility can also create significant safety hazards if not treated with the appropriate respect. The following electrical safety tips can help keep you and your family protected at home. Cover outlets […]

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Easy spring cleaning tips


With the arrival of springs comes one of the most dreaded chores of the year – spring cleaning. This year, make your entire home sparkle with these easy spring cleaning tips. Kitchen -          Leave the stove for last. The stove and range hood are often the dirtiest part of the kitchen; prevent grease and grime […]

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Tips to avoid closing stress


You’ve found the perfect home, negotiated with the sellers, found a lender, and completed all the necessary paperwork; all that’s left is closing! Closing represents the last step in the home buying journey and should be seen as a kind of celebration. However, going into closing unprepared can make the day more stressful than it […]

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Tips for a successful short sale


For sellers, short sales may be the only way to avoid foreclosure if they owe more on their house than it is worth. Unfortunately, some buyers may avoid short sales altogether, regardless of the home itself; short sales often have the reputation of being difficult, taking months to close, or falling through altogether. Whether you’re […]

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How to get a lease in a competitive rental market


Rental rates are increasing around the country; both baby boomers and millennials are renting in increasing numbers. Because of this, many renters struggle to find a great – or even decent – property to meet their needs. The following strategies can help give you an edge when trying to get a lease in a competitive […]

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Ways to organize and declutter your garage


Taxes can be difficult for even seasoned homeowners to understand. With new tax legislation that was passed on December 22, 2017, there may be changes to the taxes you file this year. The following tips can help ensure you’re filing for and receiving all of the home-related tax deductions you’re entitled to. 1. Mortgage Interest […]

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