Solutions for managing drawer clutter

Drawers are one of the most common areas of the home for clutter to accumulate. Sticking papers, office supplies, business cards, and more into drawers can help clear clutter off of table tops and counters; however, this often leads to drawers that are an unorganized mess.

Luckily, drawers are fast and easy to organize. In as little as 30 minutes you can transform your junk drawer from a catchall for counter clutter with just a little organizing – and some elbow grease. The following are a few of our favorite solutions for managing drawer clutter.

  1. Take everything out

The first step to organizing a drawer is to take everything out. Since most drawers are generally organized, such as all the cutlery in one drawer or all our socks in another, there is no need to empty every drawer in the house at once.

  1. Purge, purge, purge

How many takeout soy sauce packets do you need? Did you ever use that business card you collected three years ago? Do you ever wear the socks with a hole in the toe? Take stock of what you have and throw out what you don’t need, don’t use, or what is simply taking up space.

  1. Sort and group like items

Once you have thrown out what you don’t use, start grouping like items. Having a designated space for things – particularly in crowded kitchen or office drawers – can prevent you from scrambling to find stamps or overturning a drawer to find a spatula.

  1. Invest in drawer organizers

Organizers can be an extremely useful tool in keeping drawers organized, particularly in drawers where multiple items are stored together. Cutlery trays can separate spoons, forks, and knives, multi-section inserts can keep office supplies organized, or large drawer dividers can keep different clothes in shared drawers separate. Can’t find organizers that fit your drawers? Make your own using cardboard. Remember one important thing: drawer organizers only work if you continue to keep them organized!

  1. Maintain organization

No matter what system of organization you choose, make a commitment to maintain it. With regular upkeep and organization, you can help prevent drawers from getting out of hand again. Consider reorganizing drawers on a schedule to get in the habit of regularly doing it; the first weekend of the month, every Monday, or even when the season changes are all good times to revisit drawer clutter.

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