Spotlight On Course: How To List And Sell Commercial/Investment Property (Wed, Oct 19th from 9am-5pm)

SpotlightonCourseHowToListAndSellOne of our upcoming one-day courses (that counts as 7 hours of continued education credit!) is learning how to best list and sell different types of properties. This is an important marketing course for anyone, either seasonally experienced or new to the industry, to take in becoming a better broker in the real estate business.

Marketing Strategies

In this course, you’ll learn extensive marketing strategies that include: putting 4 marketing systems into action that will appeal to any level of client, how to qualify prospects within 3 minutes, how to only work with clients that are ready for business now, and how to reach willing sellers with large portfolios without having a single listing.

Detailed Steps

You will be walked through each detailed step in the listing and selling process, such as:

  • Calculating cap rates, gross rent multiplier (GRM), and set up sheets
  • Terminology for communicating with investors and C.I. brokers
  • Calculating return on investment vacancy (ROI) and expense factors
  • Analyzing value using the income approach
  • Rent surveys
  • Helping investors in making buying decisions
  • Finding different investors and clients

The course also thoroughly covers a range of topics that are included within the listing and selling property. You’ll gain insight in how to talk to commercial brokers and getting the right appointment, how to properly calculate CAP, ROE, and IRR, and how to use them effectively to stand out from other brokers. The course provides helpful tips in making more money from using different strategies in your real estate contracts, how to look and sound different, and how to be unique in your field.

This course is led by Michael Simpson and costs $45.00 for members, and $69 for non-members. It’s held on Wednesday, October 19th from 9:00am – 5:00pm at SBAOR Hall. Register now through this link:

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