Spotlight on Realist Tax 2.0 [June 21]

Spotlight on RealistTax 2.0 (Medium)

To help our members stay current in the ever changing field of real estate, SBAOR is proud to provide a wide variety of continuing education courses. On June 21st, we will hold Realist Tax 2.0; Presented by California Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc, Realist Tax 2.0 will help users better understand the incredible features that the program has to offer.

About Realist Tax 2.0

Realist Tax is one of the most important tools a realtor has. By incorporating public records with MLS listings, Realist Tax users have in-depth ownership and property data. This gives users an advantage in researching and discovering market trends and neighborhood information; with more than 99.8% of residential properties in the United States listed in the program, it is the most comprehensive search tool available today.

For realtors who are used to working with Realist Tax, Realist Tax 2.0 can provide even more features and benefits. With property-centric data and cutting-edge technology, this program is designed to give realtors a competitive edge in the market. Best-in-class functionality and usability help support users in their pursuit of professional success.

What will I learn in this course?

Even experienced users will benefit from this course highlighting the features of Realist Tax. During this course you will learn more about the powerful and flexible features of Realist Tax, including:

  • Reliable, in-depth property data and local market information
  • Customization such as integrated and advanced mapping
  • Professional, customizable reports

Realist Tax 2.0 will be held on June 21st from 3:00-4:00 pm in the SBAOR computer lab. Register for the class here, or add it to iCalendar or Outlook here. While this course is free for members, please note that a $50 fee will be charged for no-shows or late cancellations. Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours in advance to

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