Spotlight on Smart Docs


If you’re looking for a better way to manage your documents from any computer – not just your own – then Smart Docs may be for you! In our upcoming October 20th class, instructor Miguel Ramos will introduce Smart Docs, a web-based document manager that allows you to store and manage your documents from any computer with an internet connection.

As REALTORS®, we spend as much of our time out of the office as in it. Unfortunately, that means we often don’t have immediate access to documents and information we need. Smart Docs allows users to not only better manage and organize documents, but also allows it to be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. This gives users the freedom to do work from any computer – not just their own – at any location.

However, like any new computer program, Smart Docs can seem intimidating at first. Because of this, we’ve created a class that will help our members learn about and become more familiar with using the Smart Docs software. In the Smart Docs class, students will learn:

•How to create a file folder

•How to upload and store documents

•How to allow others to access your documents

•How to export stored documents

•How to review and manage documents

•How to print and email documents

•How to set up Smart Docs preferences

•How to receive documents via fax

This free class will be held Tuesday, October 20th in the SBAOR computer lab. Click here to register for the class or here  to add it to iCalendar or Outlook.

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