Strategies to stay safe as a real estate agent

While realtor safety is rarely talked about, it is an extremely important topic that should inform how you approach all showings and open houses. When working odd hours, meeting strangers in isolated hours, and oftentimes working alone, it is imperative that all real estate agents practice precaution. The following strategies can help real estate agents stay safe throughout all aspects of their jobs.

Personal safety

  • – Avoid wearing expensive or flashy jewelry, especially in promotional pictures. While it is important to look professional, plan on leaving the Rolex at home.
  • – Never give out your home telephone number or home address. Avoid discussing personal information such as the neighborhood you live in or plans for after work.
  • – Take a self-defense class.
  • – Trust your instincts! If something feels off, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.

Private showings

  • – Always meet at your office or another public place before a private showing. Likewise, have them complete a Prospect Identification Form and make a copy of their driver’s license; this serves the dual purpose of verifying their identity and helping to weed out non-serious buyers.
  • – Share your schedule. Make sure at least one person knows where you are at all times, as well as what time you should check back in.
  • – Let clients take the lead. While it may feel unnatural to have the client walk in front of you during a showing, this keeps them out of your blind spot.

Open houses

  • – Discuss potential dangers with the clients.
  • – Drive through the neighborhood in advance. Identify any potential safety concerns, such as narrow alleys for parking or dark hallways in a building.
  • – Keep a close eye on those entering and exiting a property.
  • – Check all the rooms, including the backyard, before locking up for the night.

Cars and driving

  • – Keep your car neat and clean both inside and out. Real estate agents spend a great deal of time in their cars; in addition to car washes and vacuuming floor mats, make sure your car receives regular maintenance.
  • – Avoid letting the tank get low. This ensures you have more than enough fuel to drive away from a bad situation.
  • – Don’t drive clients – or let them drive you – unless you know them well.
  • Working as a realtor should never be scary; however, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and practice precaution. By trusting your instincts and following these safety strategies, you can stay safe in any situation you may face as a real estate agent.

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