Summer Party Time!

Beach Summer Dinner Party Celebration ConceptWhether it’s a neighborhood block party, a backyard barbecue, or a dinner party hosted under the stars, summer has plenty of opportunities for entertaining family and friends. Here are some of our favorite party tips now that summer is in full swing!

  1. Light the night – and ward off bugs – with floating citronella candles

Decks and patios are perfect spots for entertaining – but they can leave you and your guests vulnerable to mosquito bites. Add interest and light to your tables while keeping mosquitos away by making floating citronella candles. All you need is water, floating candles, mason jars or other small glass containers, citronella oil, and your favorite summer scents. Find complete instructions for this quick and easy project here!

  1. Serve cool drinks out of a watermelon punch bowl

Wow your guests with a deceptively-easy watermelon punch bowl! Cut off the top third of a large watermelon and trim the bottom just enough to create a flat surface; scoop out the flesh and fill with your favorite chilled beverage! For added creativity, use the leftover watermelon to create your own watermelon punch.

  1. Host an outdoor movie night

If the summer sun makes it too hot to do anything during the day, wait until the sun sets to host an outdoor movie night. Hook up a laptop to a projector and enjoy watching your favorite movie on a large screen or blank wall. For more fun, have friends and family bring a favorite movie theater treat to share.

  1. Keep drinks covered with mason jar juice boxes

To keep drinks from spilling – or to keep bugs from landing in them – create your own mason jar juice boxes. Any sized mason jar will do; simply drill a small hole through the lid, slip in a straw, fill with your favorite beverage, and enjoy! Cupcake cups can also be used to cover glasses by turning them upside down and cutting a hole large enough for a straw to pass through.

  1. Liven up your summer ice cubes

Does your summer party include festive drinks or cocktails? If so, the ice cubes should be just as fun! Fancy ice cubes can be made for almost any occasion; freeze lemon juice to add to pitchers of iced tea, leftover coffee to keep iced coffee from getting watered down, or edible wildflowers to give any cocktail a summery twist. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


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