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ABR, also known as the Accredited Buyer’s Representative Designation, is a respected designation awarded to qualify a REALTOR® once he or she has successfully completed the relevant ABR coursework. In an industry filled with abbreviations and certifications, this particular title stands out for its focus on issues and skills specific to buyer-client representatives. Whether you are a broker looking to give your staff a boost in professionalism or if you are an agent thinking about upgrading your skills, the in-depth ABR course could be an ideal solution for your needs.

The basic ABR real estate course teaches candidates to work better with home buyers and provides agents with tools to achieve successful business-building models. At the same time, ABR elective courses are offered on some of the hottest topics covered in the real estate market today, including a green designation from the National Association of REALTORS®; a specialized course regarding seniors’ real estate; and, a class focusing on short sales and foreclosures. Completion of the ABR designation courses also gives candidates automatic membership with the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC) for one year, which comes with benefits like a listing on REBAC’s online directory- a useful source for buyer agent referrals, marketing tools, and access to regular publications on relevant real estate issues and trends.

To take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade skills to be an Accredited Buyer Representative, candidates must complete a two day Accredited Buyer’s Representative Designation course and write the exam with a minimum 80% result. Following this achievement, candidates have three years to finish the rest of the required coursework. An additional requirement is completion of one of the aforementioned ABR elective courses with a minimum grade of 80%. Last and most important: candidates must present documentation of five completed real estate sales in which they solely represented the buyer.

If you are an agent considering whether this accreditation is worth your time and money, you should look at the facts: an overwhelming percentage of buyers appreciate agent knowledge highly; and designated ABR specialists earn almost double the amount of money compared to agents without designations. As ongoing education and training is a hallmark of the ever-growing real estate industry, agents cannot afford to be left behind when it comes to keeping up with current trends. Dealing mostly with buyer representation means knowing what clients want today, tomorrow, and next year, and the information and networking opportunities provided by ABR and REBAC will keep you informed.

Conversely, if you are a broker experiencing today’s ever-building housing market, maintaining the most professional staff, efficiency and high-volume sales are all concerns. To improve the quality of your buyer clients’ experience with your firm, and make sure your agents are knowledgeable about current issues and opportunities in addition to their existing exceptional local know-how, consider training or hiring Accredited Buyer’s Representatives. As a broker, you understand the value of a thorough education: investing in your people today is certain to pay you back tomorrow.

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