Tips for Selling a Home to Out-of-Town Home Buyers

Cheerful couple looking at construction house plan

If you’re ready to enter the real estate market as a home seller, it’s important to consider that potential buyers don’t already live in your community. In fact, they might live in the next state, or even another country.

Many markets are seeing waves of foreign home buyers looking to invest in real estate. To market your home to the greatest number potential buyers as possible, you and your agent need to cater to those buyers from other markets.

So how does that happen? There are a few basic tips for selling to out-of-town home buyers.

Pick the right partner.  Many of the larger, international brokerages have offices (and agents) in other cities, states and countries. Those networks help reach buyers who might not live just down the street. When your agent markets your home through those internal networks, it can have a long reach. One of the best ways to reach out-of-town buyers is to make sure agent has reach beyond the city limits.

Internet matters. Research shows that about 90 percent of home buyers start their search on the internet. That means your potential buyer could be located anywhere, and how your property is marketed online will leave a lasting first impression. So do it right. Many international firms also translate their websites into several languages to attract foreign buyers.

The power of images. Make sure your agent hires a professional photographer to market your home. It will show the property in the best light and leave the best first impression for buyers searching online.

Virtual home tours. Utilize technology – virtual home tours and online video – to help sell your home to buyers who can’t physically walk through it the first time they see it.

Promote your community. Actively advertise the best parts of your location, including climate, community data and proximity to airports, mass transit and entertainment, all of which will matter to non-local buyers. Reports like school ratings and walkability scores will help potential buyers see the value in your location.

Play up rent potential. An out-of-town or foreign buyer might be looking for a second home or vacation property. Rentable properties would be in high demand for those buyers, so promote the potential rental income in your property.

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