Tips on organizing your closet space


Whether your closet is large or small, a lack of organization can leave it feeling cluttered and cramped. The following organizing tips can help you maximize the space in your closet – and maximize your wardrobe in the process.

1. Make sure every piece has a purpose. Decluttering a closet can feel daunting, but getting rid of even a few items can free up more space than any organizational hack. Ask yourself three questions about each piece: do I love it, is it flattering, and does it portray the image I want to project? Still unsure of whether a favorite old shirt should stay or go? Ask yourself which is more valuable – the item or the space it occupies.

2. Prioritize placement based on use. Put your most-used items at eye level, making them easily accessible. Less-used items should go lower in the closet, while the least-used items should go up high.

3. Coordinate hangers. A hodgepodge of hangers can leave even the most organized closets feeling messy. Choose coordinated hangers to give the closet a cohesive feel; upgrading from wire and plastic to wood can be better for clothes storage, as well as give your closet an upscale makeover.

4. Special spot for shoes. Boxes, tiered shelves, cubbies, or hanging organizers can all be used to sort, store, and display shoes. For boots higher than ankle height, cut pool noodles can be used to keep them upright and breathing when not in use.

5. Use wasted wall space. If your closet has underutilized wall space, reclaim it! Scarves and ties can be hung from towel bars, while purses or hats can be displayed using hooks; this creates a unique art piece to show off your accessory collections, as well as utilizes any other wasted space.

6. Repurpose other organizers. Organizers from around your home can be repurposed in your closet. Paper towel holders, for example, can be used to stack and display chunky bangles, while desk magazine holders are the ideal shape to store wallets, wristlets, and clutches.

7. Stack items upright. Folding and stacking items such as t-shirts upright keeps drawers looking neat and tidy at all times. Likewise, it allows you to see exactly what is in the drawer instead of digging through stacks of clothes.

8. Double hanging space with soda tabs. Double the available hanging space in your closet – without investing in special hangers – by using soda tabs. Adding a soda tab to the top of a hanger allows a second hanger to be hung in the same space. This trick is especially helpful in small closets or when grouping like-items.

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