Tips on preparing your home for the fall

The kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping, the sun is setting earlier, and pumpkin spice can be found everywhere – fall has finally arrived! With the arrival of autumn comes a laundry list of fall chores that need to be done before temperatures cool even further. The following tips can help you prepare your home for the fall and keep it looking beautiful for the coming seasons.

  1. Fertilize the lawn

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall can help it grow back faster – and greener – in the springtime. Fall fertilization encourages the growth of both blades and roots, helping your grass stay healthy no matter what weather the winter brings.

  1. Drain and store lawn equipment

The chemical makeup of gasoline changes as it ages; because of this, it is best to drain it out of lawn equipment before storing it for the season. Drain mowers and weed eaters after you mow the grass for the last time in mid-to-late October; other gas operated appliances, such as leaf blowers, may need to be drained and stored away later in the fall. Fall is also a great time to have lawn mower blades sharpened to get the ready for spring!

  1. Have your chimney swept

Regular chimney sweepings and inspections can help your fireplace burn more safely and efficiently. Scheduling a chimney sweeping in the fall can ensure that no animals took residence in your chimney over the summer – and that black smoke and soot won’t fill your home the first time you use your fireplace. Gas fireplaces should also be serviced to reduce the risk of gas leaks and maximize efficiency.

  1. Clean the gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of the most universally hated chores – yet is still one of the most necessary. Take the time to clean gutters towards the end of the fall when the leaves have finished falling; if your home is surrounded by a large number of trees or multiple evergreens, you may need to clean the gutters more than once per season. Removing debris from the gutters can help prevent rain water spillover and the serious problems it can cause, including destroying landscaping, damaging the foundation, or rotting siding.

  1. Service the HVAC and furnace

The end of the summer is a great time to have your HVAC system serviced; after a long summer of use, most systems can use a little TLC. Likewise, consider having your furnace serviced before you turn it one for the first time. Make sure to change the air filter before changing your system from cool to heat; changing the direction of interior fans can also help maximize air flow in your home for cooler winter months.

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