Tips to get your home ready for guests this holiday season


The holiday season often means traveling in order to spend time with friends and family. If you are hosting guests this year, make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible with these helpful tips.

  1. Focus your cleaning efforts. Only a few hours left until guests arrive? Forget the baseboards and focus instead on high traffic or high visibility areas such as hallways, guest bathrooms, and other common areas. Get the whole family in on decluttering, picking up, or cleaning. Even young kids can be responsible for putting away their own toys and games. 
  2. Set out food and drinks. Guests may feel uncomfortable picking through the pantry for a snack or opening cupboards as they search for a cup. Instead, set out an array of snack and drink options in advance; this makes guests feel welcome – and can help keep everyone full and happy. 
  3. Create a holiday atmosphere. Turning on Christmas music, lighting scented candles, or popping a tray of gingerbread cookies can all create a welcoming holiday atmosphere in your home. Adding small décor touches throughout the house, such as festive hand towels or decorative soaps in the bathroom, can create a whole-home holiday feel. 
  4. Make overnight guests feel at home. If you have friends or family staying overnight, make sure they have all the comforts of home for their stay. Leave extra towels, toiletries, and even a hairdryer in the guest bathroom as well as extra blankets and pillows in the guest bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep. If you don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, plan ahead for air mattresses, cots, or other sleeping arrangements so there is no last-minute scrambling when guests start to get tired. 
  5. Don’t forget the password! Holiday gatherings often mean there will be plenty of cell phones and tablets out throughout the evening. Keep your guests posting and sharing all night long by printing out or posting the Wi-Fi password. Want to keep things device free? Place a cell phone basket by the front door to encourage guests to spend the evening engaging IRL.

Whether you’re hosting a large holiday party, a small family dinner, or overnight guests for a week, following these tips may help get your home ready to entertain guests this holiday season!

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