Top Interior Design Trends in 2016

Beautiful Interior Design in modern Upscale Home

The New Year can be the perfect opportunity to start fresh – and that includes updating your home’s interior spaces. If you plan on redecorating in 2016, try incorporating these top trends to give your home a fresh and modern feel. Whether it’s as minor as a few new accessories or as major as a complete room remodel, using any of these top interior design trends will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

  1. The “Glamily” Room

For years, families have fallen prey to the idea that having children (or pets) means you have to forgo good interior design. This year, revamp your shared living spaces with a “glamily” room. Combine stain resistant fabrics with modern silhouettes to keep the room both functional and fabulous. Likewise, look for opportunities for hidden storage ideas to keep toys, books, bags, and other items from cluttering up floors or other surfaces.

  1. Locally sourced and sustainable

More and more consumers are becoming just as interested in where a piece came from as what it looks like. Because of this, look for eco-friendly, locally sourced, or sustainable products to begin to make up a bigger part of the consumer landscape. Buying pieces from local artists or furniture made from recycled materials is a great way to stay on trend – as well as be kind to the planet.

  1. Soft color palates

The Pantone 2016 colors of the year [] are rose-quartz and serenity. The balance between the rose tone and the more tranquil blue can be reflected in this year’s softer color palates. Incorporate these calming shades with modern floral prints for a look that is calming and inviting.

  1. Mixed textures

Playing with different combinations of textures and textiles is a great way to add visual interest to a room. Combine suedes and velvets with wood and stone for a look that is both versatile and unique. To keep this trend from looking too disjointed keep pieces within the same color family, such as browns or jewel tones.

  1. Eclectic style

Gone are the days of single-style or themed rooms; instead, stylish modern homes seem to effortlessly mix different looks and aesthetics to create a cohesively mismatched style. Even small touches of a different style – such as industrial fixtures in an otherwise French Country kitchen – can keep spaces from being too “matching” or one note.

  1. Las Vegas Design Market Jan. 2016

Finally, in just a few short weeks buyers, designers, and tastemakers from all over the world will gather in Las Vegas for the winter Las Vegas Market. This event will feature some of the best furniture, home décor, and gifts that 2016 has to offer! For those in the professional world of interior design this is their Christmas. While the event is closed to the general public, many ideas come out of the market and can be inspiring for the home designer. There are four styles or ideas that are sparking the imagination and they are New Bohemian, Feminine Florals, Modern Romance, and Mixology. Look for these new trends, as well as how you might add each into your own home design.

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