Tricks to keep your kitchen cleaner longer

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. However, this daily use also means the kitchen gets dirty – fast. While marathon weekend cleaning sessions can get your kitchen sparkling, there are a number of ways to keep your kitchen cleaner longer. The following tricks can help you keep your kitchen clean and tidy every day of the week.

  1. Get rid of counter clutter
    Many of us have counters lined with utensil containers, fruit bowls, knife blocks, small appliances, and more. Even decorative touches such as plants or pottery can leave counters feeling cluttered – and kitchens feeling claustrophobic. Move appliances into cabinets or cupboards, store knives in a drawer, or consolidate utensils to only the bare minimum in a single, small container. Removing counter clutter gives you more room for prep work – and makes it easier to wipe down counters at the end of the day.
  2. Start with a clean kitchen
    Whenever possible, try to not start cooking a meal until the kitchen is already cleaned. Starting with a clean kitchen often motivates you to keep things tidy during the kitchen process; likewise, it lessens the mess you have to clean up when finished!
  3. Do a little during downtime
    Have some downtime while waiting for water to boil or a cake to come out of the oven? Use that time to your advantage! Unload the dishwashers, wipe down the counters, or clean off a shelf in the fridge. A few minutes here and there over the course of cooking can add up to some serious cleaning power!
  4. Set specific days for cleaning
    A set cleaning schedule can help you stay organized and on top cleaning the kitchen – and the rest of the house. For example, clean out the fridge and throw away expired food on the first Saturday of every month or wash the inside of the dishwasher on the first day of each new season. This not only helps the kitchen stay cleaner and more organized, but also keeps you on top of deep-cleaning tasks that are often forgotten.
  5. Keep the right cleaning tools nearby
    Whether you store your cleaning supplies under the sink, in the pantry, or in a cabinet, keep them neat, organized, and easily accessible. Pare down supplies to only the essentials; instead of five or six different cleaners, look for one to two multi-surface cleaners that can be used around the kitchen. Likewise, keep a supply of rags, sponges, or brushes on hand to replace their worn out counterparts as necessary.

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