Unique REALTOR® Marketing Ideas

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Marketing your real estate business is one of the biggest challenges for every REALTOR®.

Every REALTOR® wants to stand out from the crowd, establish their brand and position themselves as a local expert in an effort to gain clients. But sometimes it’s not enough to simply have a marketing plan that spends your valuable resources. You need something that truly stands out. Here are seven unique marketing ideas for your real estate business.

Sponsor a youth sports team. This is one of the most effective ways to get your brand out in the community and in front of parents – potential home buyers and sellers – on the cheap. Plus, you’re doing some good for the kids.

Produce a video series. Create a video series showing off your expertise, or be more lighthearted with a branding video that is unique, funny and creative.

Host a golf tournament. People who play golf tend to have disposable income. This gets local business leaders and business makers in the same place at the same time to interact, and you’re the focal point. If you can’t host a golf tournament, play in them.

Graphic wrap your car. If you don’t work with high-end luxury clientele, this could be for you. Spend a couple of thousand dollars to have your work vehicle professionally wrapped with graphics and/or your logo. It can be professional and cool and still stand out.

Buy a billboard. This could especially work if you’re very attractive. Even if you’re not, an extremely creative or hysterical billboard is a bold move that will definitely be seen and make you stand out.

Creative giveaways. Sending a flyer or post card with no value to the homeowner is a tired idea. Find something of value or creative to give out – a bookmark or sports calendar, perhaps – and become known for it among homeowners.

Create Pinterest boards. Real estate is a highly visual business. Luckily, social media is perfect way to draw attention to visuals. Create Pinterest boards for both buyers and sellers and make them unique and valuable.


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