Ways to maintain a beautiful garden all year


Gardening may be most enjoyable during the spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a beautiful outdoor space all year long. The following tips can help your garden look beautiful no matter the season!

  1. 1.         Begin with planning 
  2. Planning and forethought are one of the most important ways to keep your garden beautiful throughout the year. A mix of annuals and perennials with different blooming seasons ensure that your garden always has something growing. Likewise, understanding and researching the growing patterns and heights of your plants can ensure even and symmetrical spacing. 
  3. 2.         Find color for every season 
  4. While evergreens are traditionally used to keep a garden green in winter, colorful flowers can produce vibrant blooms even when the weather is cold outside. The following are just a few plants that can thrive in each season.
  • -           Spring: azalea, daffodil, dogwood, bearded iris, peony, wisteria
  • -           Summer: hydrangea, gardenia, crepe myrtle, impatiens, zinnia
  • -           Fall: pansy, aster, camellia, holly, autumn crocus, mum
  • -           Winter: winterberry, blue spruce, amaryllis, Lenten rose, rosemary
  1. 3.         Add height with baskets and planters 
  2. Add visual interest to your garden by layering hanging baskets and elevated planters with ground cover. Doing this creates an immersive garden experience, especially along sidewalks and paths. Elevated planting can also benefit plants with delicate blooms, as the aeration and drainage can encourage growth. 
  3. 4.         Plant low-fuss annuals 
  4. Resilient, rough and tumble plants are the most important part of any year-round garden. Bulbs that can survive drought, don’t need fertilizer, and also can stand being overwatered can keep your garden beautiful no matter the weather. Lilies are one of the most notable examples of an easy to plant and easy to maintain annual. 
  5. 5.         Don’t forget vegetables 
  6. Gardens don’t have to just be for show. Instead, take advantage of varied growing seasons by adding a few vegetable beds to your outdoor space. In addition to providing your family with delicious, fresh produce, planting vegetables can add texture and color to your beds all year long. Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and spinach can survive cooler temperatures and grow throughout the winter!

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