What does real estate CAR stands for and how realtors can help you!


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So actually it’s not hard to guess that the CAR abbreviation stands for California Realtors, an optimistic bunch, customer oriented and friends of the community. Their job?  To help you out with your real estate transaction as good as they can as quick as they can. You can forget all about the pile of paperwork and the mind-blowing details or the intimidating issues associated with the real estate business. It’s a jungle out there so don’t forget to call these guys for help whenever needed? How can they help you? Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should contact a realtor:

  1. The paper-work – First of all you don’t need to worry with boring and complicated details made to throw you of course. The real estate CAR will make sure that every form linked to the transaction like the purchase agreement or the written commitment that guarantees to cover the costs of any necessary repairs.
  2. Because of their membership of their local state and the national trade associations, the realtors have access to the latest technology of the housing industry today. Of what kind of technology am I talking about? Well simple, websites, marketing statists and multiple listing services are just a few technological innovations, and that’s just from the top of my head. Besides the obvious advantages, realtors are experts at pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of a given area like schools, markets tax codes and zoning laws so you don’t need to worry about that.
  3.  Realtors are skilled professionals with solid negotiating skills and knowledge. This should be on   the top of the list rather than on 3’rd place. Well, at least if you don’t think that you can take care of the negotiations yourself. I would be against it but hey, it’s your money. The point is that a realtor is able to assist both you and the other party in reaching a mutual understanding where everyone leaves happy and satisfied. As a plus, a real estate CAR agent can assist you in determining if there are any repairs that need to be done to your future home. The agent is able to negotiate what repairs will be done to the house before you buy it, and negotiate the deadlines in which these repairs will take place. Such a nice guy this fella!
  4. Ever heard of the coordination of the home-inspection process? No, I’m not making it up! This is to ensure that the seller’s party responsibilities for a addressing a buyer’s requirements are well met.
  5. In the case of selling a property, a realtor can help you save precious time and especially money. By tapping in to the technological advances I mentioned earlier, the agent will help you determine a realistic selling price as well as managing appointments for showings.

There you go! Basically when you want to sell or to buy a house, simply contact a realtor of your choosing and you won’t regret it. Whenever questions arise you will be able to ask your agent and the realtor will be able to answer in full. We’re talking about a trained professional right? Oh, and don’t forget to visit a specialized website when searching for anything real estate related.

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