What to look for when selecting a real estate agent

From bus stops to mailers to online banners, ads for real estate agents are everywhere. Because of this, cutting through the hype to find the right agent for you and your property can be tough. While other service professionals such as contractors, electricians, and even doctors often have extensive ratings and information online, finding such information regarding real estate agents can prove difficult.


There are still ways for buyers and sellers to find the right real estate agent. The following tips can help you cut through the noise to find an experienced and trustworthy professional to work with.

  1. Chemistry is key

Whether you are buying or selling, having chemistry with your real estate agent is key. You will be spending a lot of time together; look for someone relatable who is trustworthy and dependable. While you want an agent with experience with your type of property or in your ideal neighborhood, it is more important that you feel comfortable with an agent.

  1. Ask for referrals

Family, friends, and neighbors are often the first resource when selecting a real estate agent; they can offer valuable advice about agent’s reputations and their own experiences. Likewise, agents should be able to provide referrals from recent clients when asked. An agent who is unwilling or unable to provide references should be a red flag to potential clients.

  1. Support versus solo agents

Agents have multiple clients at a time; those who work as a part of a larger group often have support staff and additional help in order to guide you through the process. However, solo agents can also provide a more personal touch. Interview potential agents and ask questions about how they can provide support for big things like contract negotiations as well as little touches such as transferring utilities.

  1. Honesty is important

Look for an agent who is honest with you about the risks of buying or selling. An agent who sugarcoats current market trends or encourages you to list your home for the maximum price may have more fluff than substance. Good agents can honestly discuss neighborhoods, crime rates, the benefits of selling versus staying, and more.

  1. Experience and expertise

If you are looking to buy an urban loft, don’t choose an agent who deals with rural properties. While many agents have multiple specialties, look for an agent  who works with your type of property. Likewise, try to find an agent who works with properties in your price range; an agent who deals in multi-million dollar listings is going to be unwilling to help you find a home in the $200,000 range.

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