5 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

You are Your Own Brand card with a urban background

Do you know who you would describe your personal brand? If you don’t know where to start, it’s likely your personal brand needs some work.

Like it or not, you have a personal brand, and it’s intimately intertwined with your business. It’s critical for real estate agents to proactively develop and cultivate a personal brand in a way that impacts how others perceive you and promotes your reputation. Here are five tips for building your personal brand.

Your brand is personal. Quite literally, your brand is who you are. Be authentic and true in how you conduct business and work with clients. Consider what you have to offer. Take the time to discover and develop your strengths and build your business from there, highlighting your best and most marketable traits and characteristics.

Manage your online brand. Prospective buyers and sellers almost always turn to the Internet first. So your online image is almost exclusively the first touch point you will have with clients. What does a search for your name turn up? What is the perception of you online? Think of your overall digital profile – website, blogs, social media – in terms of how they represent your brand.

Maintain your social profile. Your social media presence plays a large role in managing your online brand. Where, and how, you engage with current and prospective clients can be a precursor to developing future business. Choose the social sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest—that work for you and can effectively represent your brand and nurture your presence there.

Develop an expertise. People want to hire an expert in their field. What do you excel at? Are you great with first-time buyers, a savvy negotiator or an expert in a certain neighborhood? Develop an expertise, establish it, and then market yourself so you’re known for it.

Above all, be consistent. In order to develop a strong, effective and lasting message it needs to be consistent. This is critical for developing and maintaining your message. Branding is most effective over a long period of time after it resonates with others.

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