Great Marketing Resources for REALTORS®

Marketing Strategy

For real estate agents, marketing can make or break your business. Because of this, it is important to find great marketing resources. Whether you’re looking to expand your marketing plan, improve your brand, or increase your exposure, having the right resources can make all the difference.  Below are some of the best marketing resources for REALTORS®.

Personal branding

In real estate, how you sell yourself is almost as important as the homes you sell. Below are some of the best resources to help you improve your personal branding and promotion.

–       There’s No Better Marketing Than You Being You

–       7 Examples of Kick-Ass Personal Branding

–       10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Marketing plans

How you market a home can help it sell fast or leave it on the market for weeks. Below are some of the best tips on improving your marketing plans.

–       How to Create a Marketing Plan

–       Property Marketing Tool Kit

–       4 Ways to Come Up With New Marketing Ideas

Niche marketing

In larger markets, focusing on a niche can help identify and target specific groups, which helps you connect buyers and sellers easier and sell properties faster. Below are resources for tips on niche marketing.

–       Get a Niche – The New Wave in Real Estate Marketing

–       Unleash the Power of Niche Marketing Using Multiple Websites

Marketing resources just for REALTORS®

Being a member of the National Association of REALTORS® is more than just a professional designation – it also comes with a variety of perks! In the competitive field of real estate marketing, setting yourself apart from the competition can make all the difference. Below are some great marketing resources – and savings – that are available exclusively for REALTORS®.

–       Lowes allows you to send 10% off eCoupons as well as other online offers to your clients.  REALTORS® can also buy gifts cards at a 5% discount.

–       FedEx Office offers 20% off marketing materials. This allows you to print flyers, brochures, yard signs, and more to help with marketing.

–       Multi Merchant Prepaid Cards can be purchased at a 5% discount.

–       Members-only rates at DialogTech, which allows you to track the source of all incoming traffic using unique phone numbers.

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