Hacks to create more space in the bathroom


Bathrooms are often the smallest spaces in our homes – and where the most storage is needed. The following hacks can help you maximize the space you have in your bathroom through creative storage and organizational solutions that use every spare inch.

  1. Install high shelves. Out of space down low? Go high! Consider installing a high shelf over a doorway or on top of an existing upper cabinet. Use it to store things that you don’t need every day such as spare toiletries, extra rolls of toilet paper, or even an air freshener.
  2. Hangs tension rods. Get the most out of roomy, under the sink cabinets. Install a tension rod across the cabinet; cleaning supplies and other spray bottles can be hung from the rod. Likewise, S hooks can be used to hang small baskets for toiletries or hand towels. A pull-out drawer installed below keeps things from getting pushed to the back of the cabinet and forgotten about.
  3. Get creative with shower organizers. Repurpose a mesh shoe organizer for the shower. The individual pockets give beauty items their own space, while the holes at the top can easily be threaded into shower curtain tops. This hack is particularly useful in shared bathrooms where each person has their own products.
  4. Repurpose spice racks. Spice racks can also be used to organize products on a narrow wall. Hair products, makeup, and more can be displayed and easily accessed for day-to-day use. A coat of spray paint or stain can help the spice rack seamlessly blend in with your bathroom décor.
  5. Replace towel rods. While towel rods may seem necessary in a bathroom, swap them for coat hooks instead. This allows you to maximize the number of towels that can be hung in the same space, ideal for shared bathrooms.
  6. Create a focal point. While it may not add more space for storage, creating a design focal point can control how people see a small bathroom. Using two shower curtains instead of one to frame the tub, installing a larger mirror to reflect more light, or sticking to a neutral color scheme can help a bathroom seem larger.
  7. Use the space behind the door. Find space for additional storage behind the bathroom door. Add an over the door tower rack, hooks, narrow spice racks, or a repurposed shoe organizer to maximize space.

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